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Fight for their own lives or fight for the country

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It is a dilemma for each people in any country. Shall we loyal toourselves or loyal to our country even if when the country betray us.For those soldiers, they can contribute their lives in no doubt whenthey were needed in a war. However, ho

It is a dilemma for each people in any country. Shall we loyal to ourselves or loyal to our country even if when the country betray us. For those soldiers, they can contribute their lives in no doubt when they were needed in a war. However, how can they face the truth that the country is making fool of them. The lives, including their family's lives, are just like a insect.

Maybe it’s a little bit embarrassed to acknowledge that I watched Pearl Harbor only a week ago, but indeed I did. The movie combined personal affections with grand narration which could definitely be regarded as one of the most classic Hollywood romantic epic movies, though seen from today it’s a little bit kind of cliché. Anyway, besides the heartbreaking romance and the spectacular exploding war theme, there are some things that have been in my mind all the while these days and I just can’t wait to pour them out.
As far as I am considered, it’s not the incandescent love between the hero and heroine, nor the magnificent war scene which made me feel so touched, but the way the director disposed the Japanese enemies.
It’s just really unbelievable how the scenarist described the hostile Japanese troops and their commanders who attempted to sneak raid Pearl Harbor. Surprisingly, without smear, without uglifing, the filmmakers applied a whole different way to depict their enemies------the real humanistic way. In the film, the Japanese aircraftsmen were also loyal to their country and loved their families far beyond the sea, just as the American soldiers did. The bombing thing was only an inevitable mission, not caused by the evil sin deep inside their soul. Still they gave up their lives for the country they loved. And the commander, who is still considered as a most evil person in China, was demonstrated as a decisive, patriotic and wily militarist, who had conceive several brilliant ideas to inflict heavy loss on America.
Do American hate Japanese less than we do? Hardly so, Japan pretended to have a peace negotiation with America, but conspired to sneak attack the best naval force of the United States, the Pacific Fleet, which rest peacefully in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The bombing attack cost America thousands of lives and trillions of dollars as well as the most important navy force of the Pacific Ocean. Americans and Japanese fell out and became sworn enemies within one night.
I feel ashamed that I used to claimed that The Flowers of War is a great epic movie. Now I want to withdraw those words so badly. Yes, both movies extolled peace, love, generosity, integrity, patriotism, the greatness of humanity. But what do our war movies lack of? Objectivism towards a war, respects to our once enemies, devotion to the facts of history. We smear our enemy in order to show our righteous. We made our enemies worse than beasts just to stand out our humanism. It should be the common sense of everyone that the cause of war is not simply the evil beneath their national spirit, but a series of inevitable multiple factors in the development of human beings. War costs lives. Still peace is what wars fight for. The greatness of humanity is not foiled by evil, but the tribulation we’ve both gone through and the pain and sorrow we’ve both been healing till today.
War movie has its obligation, not to arouse hatred once again among people, but to commemorate the predecessors who gave up their lives to gain our current peaceful life, to alert us that happiness does not come so easy and don’t let history repeat, and to make us treasure nowadays better. This is the dignity of a war movie.

  Just imagine the following scenario, One day,you are living in an ordinary life,you are working in your company, you are planning to have a date with your friends.suddenly,your phone goes out, your computer goes out.the electricity goes out. you see many armed soliders on the street.Everyting is in chaos.yes,now the war is descending,and then you know your life will never be the same again.

The author give the result in a very proper way. As a spy, the main actors didn't betray their country, but they also fight for their own lives. Although, they were all died in the final. They are all heroes. The only thing to blame is that they were born in war generation.

    We live in a peaceful country,the majority of us have not witnessed war. But many people are suffering from the war somewhere in the world. We know about war which is cruel and leads to many disasters including material and spirityal dimension through TV,newspaper and internet.

     Many countries are going through wars such as Syria,Iraq.During the siege,many refugees have to flee their homes. Their homes,their businesses,their dreams,their amibitions are all completely crushed by the war.They lost everything,and they have to suffer from physical pain,hungry,cold and sadness.Sometimes the most painful for them may be how hopeless they feel to have their relatives dying in front of them,but they could do nothing.So many people are slaughtered. Many young men were worried all the time when theys hould think about their future. All of these are physical damage,mental trauma are more painful.the staccato of the gunfire,the wrenching booms of explosions and the unbearable silence,all of these lead to the psychological scars of people.Even as life get back to normal,it will take a long time for them to overcome traumatic experince.

   In our country,A famous massacreas as we all know is nanjing massacre in which about 300 thousands people were killed.In The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre,a wall fulled with names can be seen ,each name symbolizes a person who has died during the siege,and the wall stretches from one end to a large part.We should take the period of the history to heart.Now We are so lucky that We live in a peaceful country in which many of us have enough resources to live dignified lives,accept education,enjoy healthy care.

    No matter who you are ,the fear the of the war are the same,So may the world be peaceful all the time!

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